Employer spotlight: Gulf Operators

Established in 1983, Gulf Operators is a leading force in heavy civil contracting and aggregate supply solutions in Atlantic Canada.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a strong reputation for safety, punctuality, quality and sustainability, Gulf Operators’ key assets are its dedicated team with over 1,700 years of collective construction experience and its well-maintained equipment fleet.

The company collaborates closely with clients to devise innovative solutions of varying complexity levels across a broad range of sectors, including renewable energy, refinery infrastructure, marine terminals, lagoons, landfills, dam construction, rail lines, industrial projects, and road construction.

The entire Gulf Operators team shares the same dedication to environmental stewardship, which is a driving force for ongoing improvement initiatives across the company.

Q&A with David Cummings, Survey Manager

Why did you decide to get involved in the “Earn as You Learn” program?

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, the demand for skilled workers in the field of technology has never been higher. Gulf Operators, like many companies, is grappling with the need to cultivate a workforce that can tackle the challenges and opportunities presented by the current construction industry.

The establishment of Marshall Skills Academy and the introduction of the Earn as you Learn program represents a vital step towards addressing this need and fostering the growth of skilled workers in New Brunswick, while allowing the students to continue receiving a wage and thus opening the opportunity of learning to those who have already established a family and financial responsibility at home.

What do you hope the impact of the program will be on your organization?

Marshall Skills Academy is poised to play a pivotal role in fostering the growth of skilled workers in New Brunswick. Through its innovative curriculum and strong industry partnerships, the Academy is well-positioned to meet the ever-growing demand for professionals.

At Gulf Operators, we believe that our partnership with Marshall Skills Academy will help us prepare our current employees for the next steps of their careers, thus helping us retain, grow, and attract new talent by showing our commitment to their development.